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Covid-19 Update


We are now able to offer treatments, in line with Covid-secure guidelines. We also offer online herbal consultations.

Covid-19 Safe Practice

  • Prior to the consultation, we could discuss the possibility of doing the consultation part of the appointment online, to minimise exposure.

  • The couch, therapy room and clinic will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between patients, and the room will be aired.

  • Both patient and practitioner, should wear a facemask.

  • The patient should bring a bag, in which to put clothes, should they need to undress.

  • All towels, pillow cases, couch covers etc will be changed and washed after each patient.

  • The patient should take their temperature before treatment, and inform the practitioner if they have had any symptoms of cough, fever or loss of sense of smell or taste in the 2 weeks before or week after treatment.

  • The practitioner will perform regular hand washing throughout the treatment, before and after.

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